“…the book is great and very informative. I like your point of view on the major topics and the tone is very welcoming.”

                                                                                                   Jessica Arnold

It is an impressive book, filled with lots of good ideas that many would enjoy.

                                                                                                   Dr. Mark Virkler

If you have any doubt whatsoever about the existence of Jesus Christ, or if you believe He was just a prophet, I strongly urge you to put aside whatever you are doing and read this book. Truman Massey not only proves the existence of Jesus Christ, but explains how the Laws of Physics, the Laws of Nature, and the Spiritual Laws of Salvation work in unison in our Universe today, just as they always have and work the same for all mankind, regardless of their nation of birth or birthright. He draws a compelling comparison between the four major religions of the world, their beliefs and doctrines, and why only one is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

                                                                                                   Stephen Dalton


This intriguing and thought-provoking book will build your understanding of religion & Christianity, and the spiritual journey of salvation. Heaven: The Popular Choice redefines God’s relationship with man, and how those who believe in Him reap the benefits of His everlasting love and blessings. For non-believers and believers alike, this book is an EXCELLENT read.

                                                                                                   Maya LaBoo



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