Bio For Truman Massey, Ph.D.

Dr. Truman Massey operates in the calling of evangelism with emphasis on teaching. He is also an author and entrepreneur.  He received his BS degree from the University of Oregon, a post grad certificate in management from the University of Cincinnati, and a certificate in Real Estate from West Los Angeles College. He also holds a M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the California Graduate School of Theology.  He has traveled half way around the world to share the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His passion is to see people come into the knowledge of the truth revealed in God’s Word which enables one to win, and win big! There is only ONE way to win the ultimate prize, and enter into an eternal relationship with the eternal God, just as there is only ONE way to fly a Boeing 747. It is just as precise and reliable as any mathematical equation.  And, for this reason, he has written, “HEAVEN: THE POPULAR CHOICE … But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go To Hell.”

Jesus paid the full price for sin, human suffering, poverty, lack, sickness and diseases, a dysfunctional life style, death and eternal separation from God; but yet the vast majority of the people of the world are totally unaware of the price that God has already paid for each of us, leaving not a single person out of this plan. Everyone was included, but not everyone has received it! They need to KNOW, now, not tomorrow, but as soon as possible because tomorrow will be too late for many.

Therefore, since only one out of every four people on the planet has received Jesus as their Savior, which means that three of the four do not make it into Heaven. In short, it means that nearly 225,000 people out of nearly 300,000 people who die each and every day are going to Hell, while only 75,000 are making it into Heaven.

The most important work in the world is not being president of the United States of America; it is not being the leader of the Communist Party of China; it’s not being the most famous rock star ever lived, or the greatest athlete in the world; nor being the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. But the most important job in the world is being a partner with God in building His Kingdom by leading people to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Currently, Church experts conclude that only about 10% of members do 90% of the ministry’s work, while 90% does 10% of the ministry work.  That translates into a vast majority of Christians who have never led a person to Christ; in fact, most do not even know how to lead an unsaved person to the Messiah.

Therefore, Dr. Massey has developed a course of instruction using Scriptures to teach, on “How To” and to activate the 90% of inactive Believers to share in the work for church growth. Just think: if every Believer would ask God to bring them into the place where they could lead just one, two or three people to Jesus Christ within a year, the world could hear the Gospel in a very short time.  And many of the unsaved would escape hell. After all, our rewards are based upon our works for the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 11:30).

As an anointed teacher in the five-fold ministry gifts, Dr. Massey is equipped to minister detailed instructions for gaining insight for the work of the ministry.  Therefore, he has created the Comprehensive Christian Planner to encourage Believers to take on the challenge to grow into spiritual maturity; for it is only the mature that reproduces; secondly, by recording and using the forms, helps them to evaluate their participation, and to understand any action of change to grow for the work of the ministry which hopefully will inspire and encourage them to seek to duplicate the works of Jesus as mentioned in the Gospel of John chapter 14:12.

Spiritual exercises are a primary contributor to spiritual growth in order to build strong spiritual muscles, which are achieved through a daily dose of Prayer, Bible reading, maintaining a spiritual journal to monitor spiritual activities for review and self-evaluation; and, to give them a biblical reason to swing into action for the involvement in the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11).

Dr. Massey official resident is in Los Angeles.  He can be contacted by calling

(888) 277-1104 X101 or by writing


Dr. Truman Massey