To help us navigate through turbulent waters on our journey for answers, we must start by asking the right questions, and some are: who is God? Is God One, or is He Triune (Three)?

Is Man triune? How about the Universe? What are the laws that govern our Universe, and are they triune? Are the laws that govern our Universe changeable or do they work to precision? Are all God-given laws the same for all mankind around the planet? If so, is the law of salvation to enter into the Kingdom of God and Heaven after death one and the same for all mankind around the planet? If so, would that mean there is only one correct way to God and all the others are incorrect, just as there is only one way to fly a Boeing 747?

Is there really a Heaven to gain, and a Hell to avoid at all cost? If you should die and find yourself fully conscious and alive, and in the most horrific place ever described, with agonizing pain, while being tormented by underworld creatures, what will be the cost to get you out?

In the event that Hell is truly real as it has been reported to be, are there more “good” people there than “bad” people? Why is it that three out of every four people who die go to Hell and only one goes to Heaven? Is there enough room in Heaven to take more or is space limited? If you should die today, do YOU earnestly KNOW where you will go, Heaven or Hell? Does it matter to you which category you are in? Have you ever given thought to the fact that your life on earth will last approximately 100 years, most likely somewhere between 70 to 80 years, if that…and then, you will spend the next trillion years plus, all eternity in H_____    ? You fill in the blank. So, which is more important to you, the 100 years that you will live here on earth or the trillion years, plus, where you will spend all eternity in Heaven or Hell?

Did you know that all historical figures once lived here on earth such as Abraham of the Bible and Quran, Queen of Sheba, King Tut, Plato, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Muhammad the prophet, Genghis Khan, Martin Luther, William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Marcus Garvey, Adolf Hitler, Haile Selassie, Nikita Khrushchev, Mother Teresa, Idi Amin, and Che Guevara have been physically dead for many, many years, and some for hundreds, and some for even thousands of years, but are really still alive in one of the two of these places for all eternity?

Is it true that Heaven, Hell, and God are real and their names have not been changed to protect the innocent because there are no innocents? Is going to Heaven based upon your good deeds or a precise spiritual law? Is there one particular way, above all other ways you can be absolutely, 100 percent sure, to guarantee you getting into Heaven where you can live forever in total peace and serenity? Are there people alive and walking on the earth today who have actually been to Heaven and Hell, and came back to tell about it?

How did the money and the power of the plutocrats and economic elitists seize control of America?

Have the plutocrats and economic elites placed the entire nation in a subservient role to themselves with the support and help of our elected government officials, and the courts? Has the power of the majority been diluted and diminished to the point that it is no longer an effective tool for governing? Will this provide support for a one world government, and in the process lead hundreds of millions into a struggle for commerce and money, and a wayward path of destruction? Are we bound to follow this plan or is there a constructive and viable way this grip can be broken without entertaining civil discord and war as we have recently witnessed in the Middle East and other places around the world?

Each of us is born with a brain. However, can it be legitimately argued and validated that race, nationality, language, and culture do play a role as to why most modern day technological inventions and innovations come out of the United States and the west?

Why is it that a good person can stop eating for four months and starve to death, and a very bad person can continue to eat over that same period of time and be alive after the four month period is up? Can your correct answer to this question also be the answer to why only one out of every four people makes it into Heaven?

We will answer these questions, and others, in this book. We will show you how to connect the dots and draw the picture.

This writer finds it very difficult to believe that we, as thinking and rational creatures, provide a manual from the manufacturer to explain the use of a product, how much more would a far superior intellect and power would not have done so to explain the origin of a Universe that we cannot adequately explain, absent of the one that was provided? There is no doubt that we do have such a manual, and that manual is the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible is the only plausible instrument with enough detailed information and instructions to render answer to any moral and ethical question anyone might have. In addition, the Bible informs us where we came from and every facet of life. It explains, explicitly, what is happening in earth’s current state and why it is full of complexities, conflicts, and confusion. It tells us the earth is abnormal in its current state. Most importantly, it provides vivid instructions on how to establish an eternal relationship with the living God. No other text ever revealed such vivid and detailed instructions as the Bible.

God did not intend for sickness, diseases, poverty, famine, wars, and conflicts to ravage the earth and to consume mankind.

These things are a curse on the human race, and thereby are not normal to our existence, even though most of the world came to accept them as part of normal existence; they are not normal, but rather abnormal. For the people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and for rejecting knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

The Bible further tells us who God is. It goes on to identify Him by His name, describing His nature, His character and His attributes, and providing us with information about His will, purpose, and plan. So, there is no lack of answers. Many just blatantly and bluntly refuse to acknowledge and accept them. And, of course there are those who have cleverly developed their own set of answers.

God is not sending people to Hell. People are sending themselves to Hell by ignoring the law of salvation. God designed the law of salvation just as He did the law of gravity. When a suicidal person jumps from the Golden Gate Bridge or any other tall structure, never in a million years does such individual expect to land softly on the surface beneath. So, it is illogical, and unreasonable, to think anyone can ignore a God-given law, and then extract results that are contrary to what the law was designed to do.

It is absolutely no different when one ignores the law of salvation; there is a devastating and eternal consequent for ignoring the law of gravity, and also for ignoring the law of salvation. God’s laws are designed to be constant, and unchangeable, which is the nature of God, Himself. After all, God is perfect and without flaws, and when One is perfect and without flaws, there is no need for such a One to change. Any change would diminish who He is.

We do know mankind did not create the Universe, nor did he create the laws of physics or natural laws that govern it. Therefore, logic and deductive reasoning simply from observation dictate that a Universe that operates and functions in such a systemic pattern, and with such great sophistication, certainly is by design and not of some unknown and unexplained happenstance.

The Universe indeed had a designer and an architect, just as every automobile and house had a designer and architect. Only a fool can take a look at a very well designed Universe, with all its variations and complexities, which far exceeds the designs and workings of any man-made technology, and come away with a dumbfounded answer that it did not have a designer or architect. It is utterly amazing that anyone can view our own world, examine the extraordinary accomplishment of creation, the billions of variables existing within it, the spectacular technological inventions of man, and then conclude there is no God who required something from each of us.

First of all, there are two worlds that mankind is exposed to…the physical world and the spiritual world. Since we are spirit, soul, and body, according to first Thessalonians Chapter five, verse twenty-three; we have access to these two worlds by the accurate application of these laws that govern them.
The Triune God created a Triune Universe and thereby put His fingerprint throughout creation, revealing various aspects of Him through the process, starting with the creation of the physical Universe and ending with the creation of the triune man.

Is it probable that the Creator, with a far superior plan and purpose than what a human could devise, would create such a magnificent world without introducing Himself to His creation—leaving us totally in the dark without providing a manual?

No, He did not! God’s warnings, and the subsequent curse that followed for ignoring His instructions were not, afterthoughts of God to punish man for his act of disobedience, but rather they were already built into the system as a spiritual consequence for not adhering to the instructions of God spiritual laws, just as it is built into the system of the laws of nature, such as that when water is placed into temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit it will freeze, or boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level, or if a toaster is plugged into the incorrect electric source, it will explode and possibly injure the operator. These are not “punishments.” They are consequences for ignoring or not being aware of established laws.

The Universe is truly a magnificent and extraordinary creation and cannot be explained in ordinary terms in any language. It knows no bounds; its boundaries are not within mankind’s ability to measure its reach into the heavens. What we have learned and do know is that the Universe consists of billions of planets, and it stretches across untold numbers of solar (sun systems) and galaxies (star systems) measured in term of trillions of light years.

In other words, the Universe is so large in scope; no man-made object ever built possesses the capacity to move at the phenomenal speed that is required to explore a small fraction of it. Chances are no such object will be built in the foreseeable future utilizing the ingenuity of the human intellect. Thus, to explore and behold the wonders of the Universe, it would require a voyager to travel at the speed of thought. We are just not that big, at least not without God.

When we explore the structural configuration and various foundational components that are incorporated into the earth and the solar system, we are only able to capture a minuscule glimpse of the extraordinary imagination, forethought, immense power, and capability that far exceeds man’s ability to comprehend what was done and how it was done. The impending results can only be summed up by attributing such accomplishment to an intelligence that is far greater than our own.

Take for an example the workings of our solar system: we do know from modern science that the distance of the earth from the sun is approximately 93,000,000 miles. If the earth were moved three degrees closer to the sun, all life forms would simply burn up due to overexposure to the heat. In the event the earth moves three degrees away from the sun, the temperature would drastically drop and thus all life matter would freeze. Hence, we can conclude from this scientific knowledge that earth’s distance from the sun was positioned correctly, for life’s sake; otherwise, it could not sustain and support life.

Scientific discovery has also revealed that the earth orbits around the sun once every year, traveling at an extraordinary speed of approximately 67,000 miles an hour. While the earth is rotating around the sun, it is also rotating on its own axis, making a complete revolution every 24 hours, and, as a result, we are able to experience day and night.

There are far too many variables for this massive and gigantic Universe to be happenstance or the result of a “big bang” without a designer. This is scientific nonsense. It is no more accidental than the sudden appearance of the Empire State Building in New York without a human designer or architect.

Anyone having the courage to announce that they believe otherwise, did not connect the dots, and without a doubt have more empty gullibility than any of us who profess that there is a God; or, we could all agree that they are blundering idiots who left their reasoning in a shoe box in the closet.

The earth also consists of three laws that govern our existence on the planet in which we live. These laws are the laws of physics, the laws of nature, and the laws of the spirit or spiritual laws, which dictate our moral and ethical behavior and are vital to our quality of life.

The laws of physics govern our use of electricity, radio and television, telephones and computers, flying, mechanics, and the list continues.

The laws of nature govern our seasonal changes and dictate a number of factors relating to weather patterns, such as rain, storms, earthquakes, seasonal crop planting and harvesting. The laws of nature are also responsible for the male species pursuing the female species. The animal kingdom provides a much more balanced and correct perspective than mankind in this regard. They are instinctively more in balance with nature and the laws of nature, and can offer a model if we care to observe their behavior.

The spiritual laws are even more vital to our existence on the earth than the laws of physics and the laws of nature. While the laws of physics and nature deal primarily with issues of existence in our physical world, the spiritual laws address our existence both in the physical world as well as the spiritual world. This being the case makes the spiritual laws vastly more important to our existence due to the fact they govern our relationship with God, with each other, and our spiritual relationship with eternity. Additionally, it is a decision we make while we are living in the flesh that will determine our eternal destination.

Spiritual laws are the conduits by which we reach into the spiritual world to develop a relationship with the Creator, the Most High God. Spiritual laws are governed by hope, faith, belief, character, morality, fruit of the spirit, wisdom, giving, and most importantly, love. If you regularly consult your cell phone manual and apply its operational rules, it will last, forever; otherwise, it will die “whenever.” Which is the better choice?

God set all laws into motion. From the laws of physics and the laws of nature, we conclusively understand these two laws work with precision. Thus, the spiritual laws must also work with precision. Otherwise, why would God provide two of these laws with such precision and then leave the spiritual laws, which are the most important of all, going every which way we decide to take them?

The law of reaping and sowing is one of the most prominent spiritual and physical laws that are acknowledged—especially by most religious groups. It is a law that simply states that whatsoever a man sows he will reap.40 Therefore, reaping and sowing is both a spiritual and a natural law.

Any farmer or gardener knows if you sow a garden with cauliflower seeds, you will surely reap a harvest of cauliflowers.

The law of reaping and sowing is also relevant living in accordance with moral and ethical conduct. When the seeds of one plant is beneficial to another, the law of reciprocity kicks in where one can honestly anticipate deeds of blessings in return. It is a spiritual principle that generates results after the kind of seed that was sown. This is a spiritual principle that God introduced to us in the Bible. Ironically though, this principle is widely known and preached by religious gurus who do not acknowledge the Bible as the Word of God. However, their position does provide food for thought; for there are many such laws and principles that God revealed to us through His prophets and in His Holy Word that have been readily claimed and are used by nonbelievers, worldwide.

However, there are man-made laws that also exist which govern our relationship with the society in which we live and with one another. Unlike God’s given laws, which are distributed equally and impartially to the entire human race, man-made laws are packaged with the appearance of rationality, sobriety, and justice. However, these laws frequently are irrational and are often distributed somewhat unequally and biased. Indeed, these are consistent with our imperfect and fallible nature. It points out to us our weaknesses, insecurities, our flaws, and inefficiencies, and most of all, man’s Sin nature.

Examining the operation of man-made laws provides us an inside glimpse of which religion is likely the correct one. After all, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out some of these things. Applying basic principles and simple reasoning can lead to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, at least for those who sincerely desire to know.

As I travel throughout my daily routine, I frequently find myself in a discussion with various people, both from abroad and from various parts of the USA. I guess the motivation stems from a desire to obtain others’ perspective on life. Believe me, there are a wide range of differences in what people are thinking, even within the borders of our own country, and not just foreigners.

Due to cultural differences, you would expect to encounter a broad range of viewpoints from those who are not of our culture. When encountering immigrants, I tend to pose the question, “what brought you to America, or why did you come to America?”

Inevitably, the answer is nearly always, first and foremost, opportunities and second, freedom. The answer implies there are no opportunities, or that the opportunities in their country are inferior to the ones here in America.

Secondly, both the freedom and opportunities they seek and find in America are primarily lacking or entirely absent in their homeland. America was built on the notion of freedom by its founding fathers, even though this was not the case for enslaved Africans. But, God knew their plan was flawed, and nevertheless, He knew what He had in mind would eventually supersede what they had in mind.

The notion of freedom was not a man-made idea! It was the Triune God’s idea, and so God weaved the desire for personal freedom into the heart and soul of each individual to live without the interference and restraint of others. The nation that finally adopted what God had in mind brought men, women, and children from around the world seeking God’s blessings and benefits (John 8:31-32; 2 Peter 2:18-22; Gal. 5:1).

True Freedom is first and foremost, freedom from Sin, which is found only in Jesus Christ. The freedom to pursue your God-given human rights is the freedom that brought opportunities to this land like no other land in recorded history. That answer may not provoke a tidal wave of imagination in the mind of those coming here, but it always attracts attention when speaking to anyone who has identified themselves from the Middle East or as a Muslim.

Practicing Muslims adopted the position that Islam is the correct religion, not giving much thought to the fact that the Islamic world made very little contribution to modern science and technology. They simply drive the automobiles that come from the west. They simply use the computer technology developed in the west. They simply fly the jetliners and planes produced in the west, and they simply do not debate the issue.

The western world, from Europe to America has been at the forefront of creativity and innovative ideas, technological development, and economic growth. Man-made laws in the western region of the world introduced freedom as a prerequisite to governing, and thereby provided the atmosphere that influenced independence and encouraged ingenuity and creativity. Laws were passed to protect individual creative works, inventions, and discoveries through copyright laws and patents and allow their individualized profit-based use.
Implementing these laws brought about many inventions that have revolutionized the modern world, and brought about individualized economic growth and development in the process. It is apparent that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and most other religious persuasions seek to come to a nation with a majority of citizenry espouse to Christianity, to secure economic advantages. Are they not aware that if they are not able to secure personal freedom and economic advantages in their homeland, something is severely wrong with what they believe and practice?

Although born in Germany, Albert Einstein held citizenship in Switzerland and the United States of America. So, the western civilization can rightly claim credit for the advancement of the majority of technology that is used around the world today.

As we know, God is the Creator of all people, and He, therefore, loves each of us equally around the world, no matter what language or culture we are born into or subscribe to. Even though He loves us equally, He refrains Himself from moving into individual lives and taking control; to make such a bold move would reduce us to robots. However, He has made Himself available to everyone, providing each of us the opportunity to become partners with Him, but the requirement demands that we come to Him as He has instructed us.

The laws of physics and nature, as well as the spiritual laws, are unvarying. The reason we are witnessing and taking advantages of these laws is simply because these laws were discovered and then executed in the manner God required. They simply will not work any other way.

This clearly illustrates God is no respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of His Word; for through His Word He created these unchangeable laws. When you acknowledge the laws He set in motion, it is inevitable for anyone who desires to gain His approval and walk in creativity and innovation. That is His promise to us.
As we investigate the inventions that have come from other parts of the world, we have found very little or next to none that currently impacts our technological world. It would be unmitigated arrogance to suggest that the people from other parts of the world are not as intelligent as the people in the western world who made these great discoveries and created these revolutionary inventions.

When God placed the cerebral cortex into the skull of the human anatomy, there were no deficiencies or shortage made available to anyone on the planet based on their location. We acknowledge that God loves all of us equally. That being the case, why did God allow most of the modern world to be designed and developed by those in the west? Why haven’t we seen much creativity and innovation coming from other parts of the world, where Jesus is denounced and relegated as a mere man and is not considered as the Savior of the world?

God removed the boundaries in lands seeking to establish freedom and democracy for all its citizens. Since free-will and human freedom is the foundation of democracy, it opened up a channel for God to move where He was not allowed to before in many places around the world. God saw America, even before it was born, as a place from which He could transport the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, and save mankind from eternal destruction. He needed a place where He could have a free hand. God would have gladly embraced the regions of the world where we find very little or no freedom, creativity, and innovation. But, they would not honor Him and let Him into their midst. Instead, these lands chose to worship idols and false gods and religions. Is it not true that even man-made laws grant privileges to those who honor them, and punish those who fail to acknowledge and obey them?

Most creativity and ideas that are responsible for discoveries and inventions generally come by the way of Godly revelations—instructions, guidance, and directions that are disclosed in dreams and visions, or from a source other than oneself.

Since God is the author of all things, He is the One who opens the gateway to the discoveries and inventions we see in our world today. Therefore, God charged the atmosphere with creativity and innovation over the land of those who come to Him. In other words, they are acknowledging God’s spiritual laws; in consequence, God’s spiritual laws must respond in kind, just as the principle of flight must response to the laws of physics.

Those that come to this land do not comprehend, beyond democracy, why this land is materially and economically prosperous. Even many of our own natural born citizens do not fully grasp why America is blessed beyond other nations. They seek the blessings, but oftentimes reject the One who does the blessing. But, God allows them to experience the blessings regardless, because they are living in the presence of those who He seeks to bless.

There are still significant remnants remaining today in remote parts of these United States of America that refuses to release their antagonistic attitudes, appalling dispositions, and antiquated ways, in an futile effort to hold on to an unconscionable and nonredeemable past. The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is one of such organizations, whose task, according to their manifesto is: “preserving the history and legacy of Confederate heroes, so future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause.”53

The motives were to engage the North and throw the country into a Civil war, according to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, bottled up in the following statement: “The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South’s decision to fight the Second American Revolution. The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These attributes are the under pinning of our democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built.”54

What the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other similar organizations do not admit to is the God-given liberty and freedoms of the slaves were being violated by their ancestors who they hold in such high esteem. They refuse to acknowledge the high crimes and the atrocities committed by their forefathers against other fellow humans created by God. They are without God, and anyone without God is lacking, without sound reasoning, and therefore, it is not difficult for them to dwell in ignorance, denial, and a warped sense of righteousness and an ungodly past.

No man has the right to deprive another man of his right to freedom. In so doing, you deny that the individual whose rights are being denied is a person, created by God in His image and after His likeness. Basically, taking such strong and arrogant position is slapping the face of God. You have declared to God, “I dare you to create another man that does not have the same skin tone or texture of hair that I have, unless he is inferior to me.” There was also someone else who took a disagreeable position with God in Heaven, and his future is without hope.

In the depth of their souls, slave traders of human cargo, and slave owners knew it was wrong, but chose to yield to the lower denominator of human nature for monetary gain.
God did not grant any man the right to dominate and control the will and destiny of another. Therefore, no man has the right to oppress his fellow man, or engage in tactical strategies to undermine one’s pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

But, for those who are oppressed, take consolation. It is far better to be oppressed, than to wear the hat of an oppressor. The oppressor is always a tool for Satan and the kingdom of darkness, and I never want to be a tool for evil. History has clearly shown that the people God chooses to implement a key element of His plan always carry a substantial burden.

Satan is the author of every idea that is contrary to the well-being of the human race.

The appropriate action one takes against a viper is to cut its head off. Our government could remove the national debt in a very short time, if only we had insightful and courageous leadership. We need the legislative and the executive branches of government to enact legislation to take back the control of the money supply. With the United States Government printing and distributing the money for its own budget would effectively remove accumulative interest currently being paid to the stockholders of the Federal Reserve; and it would ultimately demand a change in our tax system, which would benefit all citizens, and not just the rich and the upper income echelons.

The interest that these vagabonds are now receiving is the largest economic swindle in the recorded history of the human race. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt, the amount of money the U.S. Government (Taxpayers) paid in interest to these thieves and vipers in 2011 was a staggering $454,393,280,417.03. It is insanity and stupidity to the highest degree, but it appears to be just the opposite when you listen to our elected officials denouncing the national debt, but who fail to acknowledge and introduce legislation to be rid of the real albatross hanging around the neck of the national debt.140

Indeed the rich are getting richer at the expense of the middle class and the poor, and the poor and the middle class are getting poorer, and with the help of our very own elected officials.

Obviously, some laborers are worthy of their labor while others have to work a lot harder and a whole lot longer (I Tim. 5:18). Teddy Roosevelt was correct with his assertion that, those on the top of the pecking order are getting more than a fair deal.

God did not make anyone a fool; fools are not born, they are made. Do your home work.