This Is One Of The Most Important Books You Will Ever Read.

Here’s Why:

Everyone wants to GO to Heaven when he/she dies; but Lets face it, everyone who dies does not go to Heaven upon death; in fact, a vast majority are currently going to Hell. So, this book examines the reasons why so many are missing the mark, and what can be done to correct it; Review Our Evidence both biblical and scientifically.

You will come away with the biblical understanding that God is NO respecter of persons (Acts 10:34; Rom. 2:11 KJV).  We already know, scientifically, with absolutely certainty that the laws of physics and the laws of nature operate identically the same way for the entire human race.

So, how about the spiritual laws? Do they operate the same identical way for the entire human race? Or, did God decide to change the spiritual laws to reflect the different viewpoints and religious persuasion to accommodate culture, language and nationality?

We know that the four largest religions have their own viewpoint. While Christians and Muslims claim to be the correct way to God and Heaven, Buddhism and Hinduism embrace a philosophy in the form of reincarnation without emphasis of establishing a personal relationship with God. Who is correct? Is there just one way to God and Heaven, or, are there many ways?

This book explores and examines the various options, separate the facts from fiction, and to provide a platform to increase understanding in order that you may believe, and thereby come into the knowledge which is the correct way.

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